Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I've seen the future

Roo: god I just watched the footage from the men's tri
it is so great

DS: I haven't watched a minute of the olympics.

Roo: it's all online, who needs it live
if I just get goosebumps watching it KNOWING the end result

DS: True

Roo: in fact, soon all of our experiences will be menu-driven
and delayed gratification will be a thing of the past
especially once we are part robot
and can experience six things at once
with our new AI brains
our AI auxiliary brains

DS: File, new project, baby
Import to: female

Roo: you've got it

DS: Export from: vagina
Share with: world

Roo: yes

DS: Bad command or file name! Earth does not support human/goat format.

Roo: not yet, anyway

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I fought the lawn...

...and I might have won, although the clouds of fumes spewed from the mower and inhaled by me probably shaved 6-8 months off my life.

What I have learned is that if you spend a total of 45 minutes at your house in the course of a month*, things are bound to go to hell on the domestic front, signaled partly by the development of a suffocating lushness in the yard featuring towering milkweeds, knee-high grasses, and grapevine runners with leaves as big as dinner plates. I found two guys back there who didn't know WWII was over, and I reunited them with their families. But first we watched a bit of the Olympics, which was a nice way to stimulate some interesting discussions and help get them up to speed on present day geopolitics.

* and during that 45 minutes, do nothing but PANIC!!1!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

let loose from the bonds of earth

Hi there!

I have a few entries to work on and I'll aim to get them up soon. Have just returned to my home, which is a pigsty.

Do you have some cream for my coffee? Thank you.


p.s. Don't worry about it - in desperation I just added some vanilla yogurt* to my espresso. Espresso acidophilo. It was kind of a bad idea.

* It is the best vanilla yogurt in all the land.