Wednesday, November 07, 2007

no time. clock ticking.

So what I'll do is post something about posting something to get in before the midnight deadline, and then I'll come back and revise it into the perfectly crafted flash non-fiction you're so accustomed to reading on this site. RIGHT? HUH?



OK, so instead of thinking about what to write about my new job, my quirky and fun new coworkers, etc... I went and read Tracie Masek's Emotional Toothpaste and found this:


I have the same rating, because I have used the word "assholes".

I guess talking about poo isn't R-rated, although "Anonymous" thinks "it sicK>."

Since I'm now in that generally scatological frame of mind, my cousin recently informed me that my brother informed HIM that as a frequently flatulent vegetarian he often goes into another room to emit a "test fart" to make sure that what he's about to off-gas in the presence of others isn't too offensive. TEST FART.

OK, off to bed. My work here is done.


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