Thursday, October 25, 2007

weighing in

Roo: I really think Victoria Beckham is dull and ugly
she looks weird

Super Gord: agreed

Roo: and I think she's really boring
like SO boring
have you ever heard her say anything interesting even once?

Super Gord: nopers

Roo: plus her hair is stupid

Super Gord: her face is stupid

Roo: her walk is stupid
her hunky husband is definitely stupid, in case there's any doubt
and he has a stupid voice
"I'm buying clothes and pouting!"
"I'm pretending to play soccer!"
"I'm in the latest fashions and have someone do my stupid hair every morning!"
"I'm concentrating on growing my facial hair in a way that accentuates my cheekbones but looks totally unplanned!"

Super Gord: lol

Roo: they must have fascinating conversations
almost as good as this one

Super Gord: sorry, I have to work

Roo: ok, I will work now too


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