Wednesday, October 17, 2007

sore thumbs

Conversation earlier today with my traveling companion for this weekend's trip to NYC:

CA: do you think that we will be leaving at 12:00

Roo: yes

CA: great
i will wash my undies and socks tonight
and place them in 4 or 5 grocery bags tied together

Roo: I have a surprise for you. not that big a surprise so don't get excited

CA: is it a green garbage bag?
a Saskatchewan suitcase?

Yeah, Canadians travel in style. A few years ago I went to Europe to wander around and stare at people carrying baguettes and eating fine cheeses. An expat friend of mine living in the UK begged me not to bring a single item of fleece or Gore-Tex, and for heaven's sake, bring some jaunty scarves.

So this weekend I'm finally taking up some folks on their standing invites to come crash on their couches and explore New York.

First stop will be Kripalu on the way down, to visit a Canadian friend who for immigration purposes is officially classified as a nun. You know, a yoga nun.

Then we're off to NYC to see some people I love and haven't seen in a while. One is a personal assistant to a celebrity chef, one is a cellist/architect, one is a urban hipster who once designed suede bikinis for local celebrities with "mailslot" holes meant to show off "ass cleavage". Sadly, we'll be missing the German cardiologist who has very good stories about working in the ER in Berlin, back in the day.

"No, doctor, no idea. I really have no idea what's causing the abdominal pain.... What? The x-ray showed a small vibrator lodged at the end of my large intestine?"

Anyway, we'll be the ones carrying around our socks and undies in grocery bags, possibly wearing jaunty scarves. Keep an eye out.


At October 18, 2007 4:23 a.m., Blogger Jonathan said...

Did you know that fleeces are made of plastic bottles?

My better half discovered this at a bonfire several years ago, where an ember landed on her arm - and dissolved a hole straight through the fabric.


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