Monday, June 25, 2007


I just heard from Rock! She is in Africa again, but this time, NOT A WAR ZONE.

Her phone message went like this (with stage notes in square brackets):

"...[giggling] See, I'm calling you at home now after stalking you already on your [French accent:] cell phone mobile. [Speaking rapidly:] Call me call me call me call me. [Normal voice:] I'm sorry but my email access [growling:] SUCKS HERE. [Falsetto:] So I miss you and I want to talk to you so call me NOW. [singing:] Something something something 256-XX-XXXX-XXX* and if you can remember that, I'll give you a hamster. [Hangs up.]"

Why, this almost makes up for having my entire month of June ripped away from me by microorganisms!

* Those X's were actually numbers. I'm not going to tell you how to reach her unless you ask nicely.


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