Wednesday, March 07, 2007

time to post one from the sent items folder

Hey! World! This is the kind of email I wrote in my early 20s!

Date: Wed, 7 Feb 1996 16:48:47 -0800 (PST)
From: Roo
To: Adam A.
Subject: and then the beast said "eat me instead!" and so they all feasted while the old men stripped to their knickers

hey there i did not mean to disappear, but the facist assholes that run this joint ran me right out of my month's quota of free hours on the modem. so i am at school now, ususally there is such a wait and it is impossible to do this everyday. i guess i should just buckle under the pressure and go down to the computing building and fork over the cash...

what a scam. my hours are renewed feb 15. this sucks this sucks. i hate them, but i love you baby, baby buttcake.

i am stalling on thinking about anything serious for a while. my courses are rocking along this year. the last two papers i wrote, i got a 97 and a 95. what the fuck. either i am a freakin genius or standards are dropping faster than your panties in a dance bar. i mean they were *o.k.* but they weren't all that.

so i don't know what i am going to do exactly for the spring break but i am thinking of daytona beach or baja, where i can get a nice tan and get bitten by a shark. but all i want are babes babes babes, preferably one who is muscly and very very good at volleyball and tanning. i just want to have fun ya know? party party party.

actually i am probably going to prince george. i don't know if i told you that. but i have some good friends there and they will take care of me and i will be able to get amazing amounts of work done and go x-country skiing. i knoiw this becasue i cvisited them before. i am just looking forward to leaving vancouver for a short while. i love it here but need a little break in the routine. the folks i know up there are of the brilliant sort and i will be able to suck their brains for ideas that i will be able to pass off as my own at a later more convenient date, that is how i get 95's you know.

did you get the tape from my sister yet? now would be a strange (though not necessarily bad) time to get in touch with her because a friend of hers just died of menigitis, not the contagious kind. it happened monday or something, so she is really wrecked. and my mom too, because it hits her close and hard when someone near her kids, and near her kid's age dies.

so if you get a really bad headache, take it seriously.

had a bash at my house on satuyrday. i have had this hideous cold for quite a while and was in no shape to be hosting a party, but it was pauls birthday. anyway it was a huge mess by the end of the night and i went to bed before about ten people because my body was so tired and just could not hack it. and you know what? i come upstairs the next morning at like eight or nine and voila, it is clean. kitchen livingroom spotless. couldn't believe it. those drunken bastards did it all, isn't that truly wonderful?

anyway, i will try to get my hands on a computer sooner next time. i put tin foil on my teeth today to make them look silver, i used the wrapping of a kit kat bar.

love from me


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