Thursday, February 08, 2007

pulling on the shoulder-length latex gloves

Sorry I've been kind of absent. I could barely sit down at a computer after getting that tattoo of a pony dancing over a rainbow eating chocolate cake farting musical notes that are turning into butterflies. Yes, on my sweet rump.

Truth is, I've been working on another project and it's turning me into a fat-ass thanks to the physical inactivity side-effect. The pony is already starting to look sort of like a manatee with hooves and a long flowing tail. (Kind of gross.)

Anyway, the next phase of the project will require the gloves I mentioned in the title, and before I get my hand (and, well, whole arm) in there, I'm going to take a break and go out tonight.

I've been invited to an Anti-Valentine's Party. Wearing red and/or black is optional. The friend who invited a little group of us seems unusually adamant that we all bring alcohol, even going so far as to highlight that ONE PART of the email invitation - REMEMBER TO BRING BOOZE - by putting it in 410-pt font, so I'm not sure what to expect.

So I wrote to him:
How about my pajamas, bathrobe and slippers? (That's what I usually wear when I drink a lot.)

And he replied:
If it's red and/or black, you can wear anything from body paint to whale blubber in ziploc bags to a Soviet flag - I'm not fussy. Just don't forget the booze...

See? He really wants us all drinking. Does he feel a need for us to "drink him pretty"? Paul, darling, you're already pretty. See you tonight!

UPDATE: Man, that party SUCKED. Crowded but alienating. Drunk but uptight and humourless. Far as I can tell, only Paul was fun, but most of the time he was surrounded by women desperate to talk to him because he was the ONLY MAN in the entire place exhibiting even a shard of wit. We drank my bourbon and left with the full bottle of wine he was going to imbibe had I not brought anything; it was not the sort of party where it feels appropriate to leave things like that behind (if you can even imagine).

Better yet, he offered said bottle of wine to me at the end of the night saying, "Here Roo, you can have this to drink for your next dinner alone."

That made me laugh so hard I think he was a bit alarmed.


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