Friday, April 07, 2006

Vote: Porkcraft, or K-Wolf and the Horse Town Howlers

Why blog when I can just post the brilliant, hilarious things my siblings write?

Now, the reason I am posting this is because I want to poll the Internet, or at least the 2.5 people who read this blog. Is it funny to you? It is SO funny to me. Do you have to know that she is completely taking the piss out of their team, team names, and all that is holy, or does it speak for itself, as I believe it does?

(posted with permission)

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: sister in whitehorse
To: friends who have just agreed to do an adventure race with her (her first)
Sent: Friday, April 7, 2006 3:09:07 PM
Subject: Re: Adventure Race

Ok, i've just printed up the form and i need birth dates and a team name.

Team name possibilities

I searched the internet and found a bbq competition's list of team names

3 fat guys and a smoker
2 hot 2 handle
Arlington Lawn Chair Club
Beer, Meat & Rebar
Boss Hog & the Hog Troff Gang

ok ok ok, seriously, we need a name. Give me some suggestions....

how about:
the screaming banshees
turn me loose
the wild apes
avenge and destroy

or on another note:
octopower squared (because we'll have 8 legs and 8 arms between the 4 of us)
K-Wolf and the howlers
Baby K and the horse town howlers (sounds like a r n b band)

fuck i don't know. i give up. time to "get back to work"


At April 10, 2006 9:48 a.m., Blogger The Dude said...

My vote: mildly amusing. It would have been better if she'd stuck to the BBQ-themed names.

My team name suggestion:
Vandalay Industries.

At April 10, 2006 10:24 a.m., Blogger banjeroo said...

Yes, maybe it's so funny to me because I know her, so my take on it is informed by knowledge of decades of her tweaked absurdisms...

p.s. In ref to the Vandalay Industries suggestion, am I the only one in the world who had trouble looking past Seinfeld's fucking ugly stovepipe high-waisted jeans and white running shoes combo? I also couldn't stand how self-congratulatory he always looked, with that little barely-suppressed smile. EVERYONE likes Seinfeld. What's wrong with me?

At April 13, 2006 8:27 p.m., Blogger cup a joe said...

How about "Panty Christ Adventurers"

A little plagiarism never hurt anyone...


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