Monday, March 20, 2006

lets hope it's this pristine for the next generations

I can't believe I'm posting pictures from last July NOW, but it's time to start planning the next trip and dreaming of summer, so let's get it ON!

The single Otter plane, flown by Ernie (not shown), who has white hair and beard, huge sunglasses, wore dirty black sweatpants, joked about being horny, and who is one of the best pilots in the Yukon. Note that the two canoes in the foreground are actually three, since two are "nested". (We took out the seats and thwarts and put one canoe inside the other.) The canoes were strapped to the legs of the plane (not sure if that's what they're called -- but whatever connects the body of the plane to the skis or pontoons).:

A pretty bend in the river:

A stump and roots after many long winters, spring melts, and hot sunny summers:

This is what that place looked like:

I'll post more later. Ain't it purty?


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