Thursday, February 09, 2006


banjeroo: Check out this article.

don't you sometimes feel like we might just be in the middle of a real live Wag the Dog? I mean, isn't it great that they stopped the terrorist plot, but isn't it hard to feel sure that it was ever really in the works? and the weird rhetoric about winning the war on terror? and isn't all of this kind of underscored by Bush insisting on the wrong name?

banjeroo: all part of the carefully constructed narrative framing of the "War on Terror" that it was the "Liberty Tower" in his mind, and not the "Library Tower" as it is in reality?

perhaps because Liberty (whatever perverse version of it that he conceives of) is more prominent in his mind than Truth and Knowledge and Intellectual Pursuits

coworker: Yeah, maybe it's all a big psycho-linguistics game

coworker: we'll soon hear about other plots to destroy the 'Freedom Building', the 'Capitalism Dome', or the 'American Way of Life Strip Mall'

banjeroo: YES!


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