Thursday, January 12, 2006

I'm just a feather on the breath of god

Discussion between me and a friend of mine I'll call "Aphasia". I urged him to blog this and he didn't so I will. Some lines were cut for brevity.

i can do that
Banjeroo: I am mesmerized
Aphasia: but I need a cool battle dance name
i do sort of dance similarly
but a bit less so, given i'm on a crowded floor
i certainly like to try to pull off the uncanny robot stuff
Banjeroo: it IS uncanny
you have mad moves don't you
you should be a performer part time don't you think?
in a cage?
Aphasia: yes, i do
Banjeroo: or for the cirque du soleil
Aphasia: the other week this girl said to me 'how did you DO that?'
(while i was dancing in a club)
i said 'do what?'
she said 'what you just did with your feet'?
Banjeroo: that is good
Aphasia: what can one say?
i said 'baby, life is the dance and i am the dancer'
and then i said 'i'm just a feather on the breath of god'

good answers
did you really say that?

no, i didn't
but next time i will

Friend did hasten to credit (to me) Hildegard von Bingen, (Christian mystic) for the feather line, and Eckhart Tolle (new-age power-of-now guy) for the dancer line.


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