Tuesday, April 04, 2006

better than spit, cheaper than a one-night stand

Well for those of you who don't know what a hootenanny is, or worse, have never been to one, I am truly sorry. Sorry for what must be an empty, joyless existence.

For my birthday weekend, I went to this one, and it was a foot-stompin', hootin'-and-hollerin' good time. It was so packed there was no room to dance, but at least I could wiggle a bit in my seat, and thump my quart beer bottle (it was in Quebec after all) of Belle Gueule on our little table.

I caught one of the performers, Carolyn Mark, last year at the Dawson City Music Festival. Then, as now, I'd say she seems like the sort who would be constantly recklessly inventively fun, and who would laugh merrily at you if, after three straight days of partying, you had to stop and rest, or sleep, or barf up your seventh bourbon decay of the morning (though she’d probably hold back your hair while she was laughing, and then maybe make you some delicious scrambled eggs and toast). Here she is singing with Luther Wright (of Luther Wright and the Wrongs), who is lanky alternative country hotness:

Anyway, everyone was terrific. I especially love Juno award-winning Jenny Whiteley, who has a hideous website, but who does a kind of folk-country-bluegrass thing, (even though I keep telling myself and anyone who will listen that I love bluegrass but hate country), and who has a voice that makes my heart ache in the best ways. Her brother Dan is sensational on the mandolin too, and like all great musicians, knows exactly how to make everyone else on stage sound better without being a show-off.

Also worth mentioning, the oh-wow-they-are-SO-west-coast Lily Fawn and Hank Pine. Hank wears a mask and goggles at all times, Lily wears antlers and plays a saw with a fiddle bow (you have to see it to believe it), as well as trumpet and drums. On the side, she also makes an all-natural lubricant called “stroke it” that she advertises as “better than spit and cheaper than a one-night-stand”, (which is actually how I'd describe the beer).

Get thee to a hootenanny!


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