Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I am not so quietly judging you

Due to cutting it a tiny bit close, then followed by unserendipitous conditions - snowfall, idiot drivers, accidents (other people) on the way, I just missed my flight to Whitehorse. The Air Canada lady was stern but civil and arranged another flight for me tomorrow morning. I even made her laugh a bit by the end, a huge victory, partly because I was about to cry. I'm a clown, you know, laughing on the outside...

I just find transitions tricky sometimes, even though I've done a bazillion of them. Change is hard, even good change. I've been to Whitehorse three times already, each time stayed for a month and loved it, but I still get emotionally spazzy just before going, just before leaving (and, some would argue, on either side and during, indefinitely). Whoot.

So getting to the point of this post: My mom (who was kindly giving me a lift to the airport, and then also, unexpectedly, from it as well) and I endured two hours in the car for a trip that should have taken 20 minutes. Just now, home at her place, I observed, "Wow mom, we both got kind of stressed and judgmental on that drive - we criticized everyone, excessively," and she replied, "Yeah, so many asshole drivers out there today." Then we laughed and laughed.

Isn't that great? Now we're pouring (more) wine.*

* the first glasses sipped while our coats were still on


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