Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I wanted Fantasia to win from the get-go

The third year of American Idol, I mysteriously and randomly stopped being a cranky hater of reality television (or whatever category AI is considered to be in) and watched it. I got religious about it, watched every show, developed emotional attachments to the contestants and their fates, talked about it, thought about it, and wished I could vote from here in Canada. I rode the wave all the way to the beach. What then? Well, Fantasia won and it was over. I never thought of it again and have missed all subsequent seasons.

Fantasia who?

Maybe it's because I'm occasionally ambivalent about blogging, or maybe it's that I've had an odd November, or maybe that once I started badly and couldn't do it "right" I lost momentum, but for whatever reason I'm just not digging into Nablopomo like I did last year.

I love the idea and think it's great so many people are doing it, but all I really want to do is go watch some more Professor Brothers. (I highly recommend both parts of Fliff Night.)


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