Wednesday, November 21, 2007

role playing

Handsome Gay Boyfriend always comes up with good ideas. Maybe this is funny to me because I've never dated an asshole like this:

Handsome Gay Boyfriend: you can be the straight guy
and I'll be the girl
and we can play stereotypical gender roles


HGB: Want to see a movie tonight snookums?
(that's me being a girl)

Roo: uh, whatever (me being the straight boy)
actually, I have to tutor


Roo: shit

HGB: You have to drink with the guys

Roo: (back in character)
i'm seeing jimmy at g o'malleys
boys nite!!!!!!!

HGB: again? Why don't you guys just fuck and get it over with.

Roo: i don't wanna see any of ur chik flicks
as if!

HGB: I'm being a liberated women

Roo: ur bein a BITFCH

HGB: You know what.
I'm replacing you with Pedro
My vibrator. Yeah, you know the import I bought online from Tajikistan that's illegal here?
It's better than you anyway.

Roo: aw baby don't be that way

HGB: And, I'll go to the movies with my girls

Roo: come on u know I was jus joshin u

HGB: So lets see if Jimmy will let you do anal three nights a week and every second sunday after church.

Roo: baby I wuz kiddin!!!

HGB: ok I love you
Do you love me
Do you think I''m pretty?

Roo: you know I luv u and ur choclatte starfish
shur ur prettiest

HGB: Ok, I'll stay home and drink a little wine and watch TLC so that I'm loose for you when you're done with boys night
tee hee

Roo: oh baby, ur the best

HGB: No you are.
Thanks for not getting mad at me.

Roo: gril, I am gonna show u a thing or 2 2nite

HGB: Tee hee

Roo: u make me mad sometimes but stay pretty & I won't dump u


At November 22, 2007 4:08 a.m., Blogger sgazzetti said...

I can't tell you how much I love this.

Also: enjoyed our chat last week and have been meaning to say so, but busy/pesty, so haven't.


At November 23, 2007 9:28 p.m., Anonymous Bronwyn said...

I just got the giggles in the office. This is fantastic! Anything that refers to chocolate starfish is pure gold!


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