Monday, November 06, 2006

my knees remind me of my elbows

It's probably just pharmaceutical scammer bots crawling the web for medication names, but it seems the #1 hit for me (in terms of "people" googling and finding me) is my post on apo-metronidazole.

(Either that, or there are a lot of you out there looking for the kind of high that will make you feel crappy, and make everything you eat taste like you're chewing on a tailpipe?)

Anyway, if you're sick of reading about antibiotics or my old emails, go check out my friend Kenji's comic:

Updated every Wednesday.


At November 06, 2006 5:14 PM, Anonymous Jonathan said...

It does strike me that many, many US bloggers of a "certain age" write almost exclusively of their various ailments (real or imagined) and the medication they are on.

Perhaps it's those same people looking for kindred spirits who also have drug cabinets the size of most high street chemists...

It makes me wonder what on earth is happening in America at the moment.

At November 06, 2006 5:49 PM, Blogger banjeroo said...

Well, I think talking/writing about it and getting help for it is better than the "good old days" where people would suffer in silence (and/or finally off themselves, causing untold grief to family and friends, etc). I figure I'm pretty damn lucky to be generally okay.

I imagine that people who are struggling with various things will sometimes choose the Internet to write about their ailments because the Internet CAN be a successful way to build virtual communities for support.

I don't know if depression etc. is on the rise, but it might be that it's just acknowledged now, whereas before it wasn't. (I.e. numbers were the same, they just weren't known and treated.)

I do sometimes wonder though, (bearing in mind that my blog is totally frivolous and has almost no redeeming features) how amazing it is that we (read North America and perhaps most of the "developed" world) are so obsessed with the right clothes and the right people and the right moods and the right weight and the best table settings and the hot shoes and the latest MP3 players, when we in fact should be obsessed with fixing our polluted little gorgeous planet and being generally kinder to each other. (As so many before me have said, and better.)


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