Thursday, October 26, 2006

sisters brainstorming

Goose: for halloween
I think I'm going to go as the ghost of unfinished knitting projects. I need as many unfinished knitting projects as possible, to wear all over, socks, mitts, half-sweaters etc.

Roo: oh that is GREAT!

Goose: i need to find unfinished knitting
i myself don't have much.

Roo: no, I have none
but I am sure whitehorse is teeming with unfinished projects
the thing is, will people risk letting them get wrecked as a costume?
you will have to devise a system to prevent them from unravelling

Goose: yes
you are right
can you think of another idea
i like being the ghost of something
like the ghost of all my ex-boyfriends
i would just tack objects of theirs, photos, things they gave me, all over me

Roo: ha ha

Goose: but m wouldn't like it

Roo: no

Goose: so...
the ghost of implies something sad, unfinished, heavy with emotion
that's why knitting works

Roo: yes

Goose: I could be the period princess
and tack tampons and pads all over me

Roo: you could do the ghost of half-earned brownie badges and drag around a scrapbook, magnifying glass, bowl of dough

Goose: oh!

Roo: yes

Goose: that would take too much work but is a great idea
the brownie thing
that is the idea
for sure
i would need to dig up an old brownie outfit too

Roo: you could dress as the ghost of the woman you would have become if you hadn't turned to a life of booze and crime

Goose: I really like the knitting one though, because i could also put patterns up all over me
it is just an A1 costume

Roo: yes

Goose: what if i went to the sally-ann, bought sweaters, socks, hats, and unravelled them
stuck needles through them
pinned them up on me
that's what I'll do
thanks for being there in my time of problem solving need

Roo: you could dress as the ghost of your childhood dreams, and be an astronaut-fairyprincess-doctor-teacher-actress

Goose: yes
that makes for a good theme party

Roo: that's a great idea (the sally-ann solution)
the ghost of your child hood dreams?

Goose: everyone comes as their childhood dream

Roo: yes, dress as what you thought you wanted to be

Goose: like an alter-ego party

Roo: I would dress in a jewel encrusted gown and order people around

Goose: shit, all you have to do is stick on the jewels

Roo: shit, I'm half way there!!


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