Thursday, June 29, 2006

my turn to manifest whales

Whales whales whales!

Last summer I went down the Wind and the Peel with my amazing sister and some very cool women.

This summer I head north again! To Whitehorse! Then we go to the Dawson City Music Fest! Then we goof off for a few days and get ready to drive to Skagway! Then we take an overnight ferry and end up in Sitka! Then we paddle in kayaks up the coast! Then we play with whales! Then we go to Pelican (pop. 163) to hang out with Rose and Marcus and enjoy ourselves at some "party's"! Then we end up in Hoonah! Then we take a ferry home!

I have not paddled with whales before but a friend of mine who has says it is wonderful and terrifying! Like standing next to a speeding train whip by on a track, because it is huge, powerful, and near! I am glad a kayak can be hosed out if I crap my pants or experience any form of stress incontinence!

As you can tell, I am excited!!!!!11!!!!1!!!1111!!!!!!1!1!!!!!!


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