Wednesday, May 18, 2005

whales whales whales!

A few weeks ago I was at this really terrific Stitch n' Bitch, and one young woman there told us about a woman she knows who was having her "manifestation chart" framed professionally, so she could hang it on her wall and, you know, contemplate it, and "manifest" all the things she wants more of in her life.

We were told her chart included images of rainbows, money, and whales, and the repeated words "happiness" and "money" and "whales".

Because she loves whales.

So she can manifest whales.

Ahem. Well. On my manifestation chart, I want to have:

1) delicious brownies

2) muscles

3) clear skin in spite of brownies

4) four willing manservants to carry me on a royal palanquin where ever I want to go when I get tired of using my muscles

5) a souris river canoe, specifically the Quetico 17 made out of Carbon Tec, weighing a remarkable 40 lbs

6) people who owe me money to pay it the hell back with interest and then fuck off forever

7) a guarantee that I will die peacefully and with no real regrets at a ripe old age like 98

8) stronger fingernails, but really only on my right index finger, so I can claw better when I clawhammer, and develop my mad banjo skilz

9) a well-behaved, quiet, devoted and sweet black standard poodle to call my own

10) rainbows, money, and whales

What's on your manifestation chart?


At May 19, 2005 8:21 a.m., Blogger canukistan said...

That's easy:
1. Robots
2. Belinda Stronach
3. 150 acres of prime, E Ontario hardwood forest, with about 3 acres cleared for organic asparagus and raspberries, and a century old farmhouse heated entirely with ground-source heat and a high efficiency wood stove.
4. Beer
5. Zombies to come back from the dead and eat George Bush.

At May 19, 2005 9:49 a.m., Anonymous Rooseveltski said...

Gee, a manifestation chart would take a long time to generate, however, I certainly like the first four points in yours, dear! After our Judy/Arnold colloquy I decided to just blend the two and in a fit of hysterical assertiveness registered for the're a babe!

At May 19, 2005 1:33 p.m., Blogger banjeroo said...

Rooseveltski, you do assertive hysteria like no one else. I am so proud of you for signing up for the 5K. Rah!! YER the babe!

At May 19, 2005 4:11 p.m., Anonymous yentlicious said...

1. Lifetime supply of double-sided tape
2. caban in the Glebe
3. a Glebe JCC with Sean leading arts & crafts activities
4. Martin Short to join the chavurah
5. Belinda to join the NDP


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