Thursday, June 29, 2006

loose end

Some people have asked how my relationship with Olive Oyl is going. It's going fine, she's been very patient with me despite my occasionally mercurial behaviour. (I was away for work for a week, and left her behind, choosing instead to eat free ice cream twice a day and stuff my face with tapas and rioja at night. I still fit in my pants, though, so no real damage was sustained.)

So what's the verdict at this point? Whether my "legacy brain" is really being tricked or it's just that fat triggers a feeling of satiety, I'd say drinking oil between meals totally kills my appetite and makes me feel full much faster. I'm using it more to stop myself from munching endlessly. Because I feel full for a long time, it's easier to concentrate on other stuff and not daydream about food all the time. I imagine I could use it to lose weight very easily, but because I haven't been too scientific about it, I haven't lost any. We'll see over the next month. I have to give science a chance.


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