Tuesday, June 06, 2006

the only way my dad would use a belt, other than to hold up his pants

coco: i'm hoping to grade on Sunday for my next [karate] belt

banjeroo: which belt then?

coco: brown with 2 white stripes
last one before black

banjeroo: wow

coco: actually, it's partly your father's fault
when i had dinner at your's last year, i mentioned how i had trained to brown belt
and he said well, what's the point of that, why not black?
and i was slightly indignant

banjeroo: ha ha! that's SO dad
he's hilarious

coco: but there you go, it motivated me to really get back into it

banjeroo: "well what's the point in that" oh god
he is funny

coco: i thought, dammit, i'm better than that
i'll show him, mumble mumble

banjeroo: man, welcome to his parenting style
how he pushed us all to excel by inciting mild indignation


At June 12, 2006 2:48 p.m., Anonymous coco said...

And Mr Mildly Critical/Inspirational Dad should know that I am now the proud owner of a brown belt with two white stripes and I came in second in the women's kumite (sparring) competition! So there! ha! I showed you!


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