Friday, June 09, 2006

after market parts

Recent message on my answering machine:

Yeah it's Ronnie down at the garage. Your car is ready. I had to take the tranny apart there, replace the flywheel, 'cause the clutch was slippin'? Uh, but I found out that the housing was cracked, I had to order you a new one, but I got one second hand, it was rebuilt so, the price comes down a little bit for that, but anyway, she's all ready to go...

Who am I kidding!?! I don't know shit about cars! Damn! Cover blown again. [sings:] K, I'm home but not forever, call me if you FEEL like it, don't if you don't. Chowder!

It was not Ronnie from the garage at all, but rather my awesome friend Mike, builder of houses and master of a million voices. He has also left entire messages talking as though he'd just had his wisdom teeth out, sounding spacey and spittley: "Hi Roo, isss Mike, isss Ssursday? I jusss hass my wissdim teesss out. Anyway, derss ssome ssonserts on ziss weekend?"

There have been a few observations lately that 30-somethings are acting like teenagers, wearing colourful sneakers and ironic t-shirts, listening to the latest cool bands, etc. and I agree that these articles are missing the point. But if 30-somethings acting like teenagers even a little bit means that I keep getting novelty messages in silly voices, then bring on the social regression!


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