Tuesday, July 26, 2005

ooo wee I'm right behind

I have had an average of five hours of sleep every night for the last four nights. I am going to bed in a few minutes.

Thursday night we went to the Kopper King in Whitehorse for the $2 pints. I was driving so I didn't get hosed but my sister sure did. She was amazing and totally tore up the dance floor, which was for the most part populated by Whitehorse kids in their early 20s who have been watching way too much Electric Circus (is that still on?) and practicing how to dance like the Black Eyed Peas at home in the mirror. It was hilarious. My sister's wacky friend Margi had a dance-off with a guy who had on a tight wife-beater, low-slung shorts, and a cap turned a little sideways. If it were back in the day, he would have been a prime candidate for Fame, you know, the kid from the small town with a lot of 'tude and big, big dancing dreams. By the end, Margi was doing stylistic karate chops around his ass, hopping around and sticking out her tongue. It was fantastic.

Friday we got up and drove 6 hours to Dawson City for the Dawson City Music Fest. It was a terrifically fun weekend. There were little mini-gigs from around noon on every day, then a break from about 5-7, then the main stage would start hopping, and so would the Palace Grand Theatre, and the music would go until 2 AM.

Because that far north the sun just barely sets around 1 AM or so, then rises a few hours later after a mini-dusk, it was easy to go to bed at 4 AM most nights, then sleep until 8 or 9 to get up for a yummy breakfast at Klondike Kate's, then stagger out to catch some more music.

Rik, you have to check out the awesome weirdness of Tanya Tagaq who has even collaborated with Bjork. I think most men in the audience found her simultaneously extremely hot and just a little frightening.

My brain is about to crack in two from exhaustion so I'm off to bed now. Wish me luck at work tomorrow. Or better yet, start by wishing me luck with just sleeping tonight. 4 AM Yukon time is 7 AM Ontario time, i.e. I might as well curl up in a ball right now and die, since it will be what I feel like doing all day tomorrow.


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