Thursday, June 30, 2005

the trip starts tomorrow

I am thrilled, nervous, terrified, blue, green, and pink. I am high-strung and overwrought.

Oh my god, the courage I must summon. On all fronts, for god's sake.

It is not enough to be feeling completely heartbroken, as well as shafted, confused, horribly excited and a wee bit drunk on Pinot Grigio, the finest summer sipping wine. I am a model of bourgeois self-indulgence. I think I will go read some Viktor Frankl so that I can be reminded what real suffering is.

Posting will be irregular for all of July because I will be on a remote Yukon river from July 7th to the 22nd, preparing madly for it in the days before, and recovering from it for the days after. In addition to that, the logistics are tricky because my sister has no electricity, so my addiction to suckling at the teat of the Internet will be completely disrupted. Isn't that wonderful, 2005 and no electricity? I think it is.


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