Wednesday, June 15, 2005

sister act

My sister had her surgery today, to fix her broken leg. Because Whitehorse doesn't have massive waiting lists, the doctors did an optimal-but-rarely-done surgery, specifically, they put a screw in her bone and then a metal plate to hold it together. In any other place in Canada, practically, they'd just slap on a cast and say enjoy the codeine.

Instead, my sister got to listen to Bob Marley (her choice) throughout the surgery, and she was hopped up on morphine, and the surgeon let her watch the incision, and then he jiggled the bone around for her, to show that it was actually a total break, not just some pansy-ass hairline crack. I am hoping she will write about how freakish that was. When our mama talked with her this evening, she was still pretty high. But it doesn't take drugs to make my sister brave. She would have watched the whole thing stone cold sober.

The nurses have all been really kind to her, asking if she was hungry, fixing her snacks. Where else do nurses actually get to do this?


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