Thursday, June 09, 2005

that sweet little number

Well, the canoe trip is definitely on, fast approaching, and requires me to:

1) make a list of things to do and pack

2) start using the list to do and pack things

Not a bad start.

In another stroke of synchronicity (a theory I don't entirely buy yet by the way) I have just had a couple of emails from the other women going on this paddling adventure (all four of us are going for sure! whoo hoo!)... and what are they sending me? Their packing lists! We are sharing them and discussing them and making sure we are all organized. I love these gals already.

There is nothing worse than sitting there on the tundra or whatever, watching the Cessna that has just dropped you off with your stuff turn into a speck in the sky, and then discovering that:

1) you forgot your cup


2) no one brought whiskey ("Scotch! The drink of champions and drunkards alike" as one of the gals noted on her list)


3) you will be managing your period (that will undoubtedly and uncharacteristically come a week early) with clumps of moss stuffed in your underwear and fervent, hopeless wishes that your uterus would just STFU already.

Anyway, the heartening packing list frenzy has reminded me of one of my favourite emails of all time, received from my (at the time, 18-year old) cousin Daniel from BC, who a few years back was flying out here to Ontario, and as part of his visit I was going to take him on a little weekend flatwater paddling trip. Here's what he wrote, and I hope he doesn't mind me sharing it with the seven people who read this blog:

Daniel here, with a little request. Do you guys still do that sweet little number, "I packed my canoe and in it I put," if not please compose immediately and send me a lyrics sheet. This way we can avoid exchanges like:

"gee you sure pack light Daniel"

"yup I figured I'd just fashion everything I needed from the natural resources of the area with the use of my trusty HAMMER."


"you know like in that book hammer with the plane crash in northern canada, we're in the land of milk and honey comparably. I remember that book pretty well."

"you mean hatchet"


Love Daniel


At June 10, 2005 4:18 a.m., Blogger Rik said...

I can't believe you people are still using lists that you *write down* and then *send* to each *other*. Get with the program, already - you clearly need a...backpack project page!!!

It's better because it is on the intarwebs. (I use it, and it is fairly nifty, to be sure...)

As one of the seven, I'm enjoying this blog a lot. I should maybe post to mine one day...


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