Thursday, June 23, 2005

Mr. Horror

My mom's dog, Charley, he has beautiful big white fangs.

His breed is considered a "soft mouth", meaning they don't tend to like to bite or chomp, and for that reason they are sometimes used as retrievers because they wouldn't bring back a duck carcass in, say, bloody ribbons.

Still, ever since he was a tiny puppy, she has been getting him used to two important things: 1) having other people open his mouth and touch his teeth and poke around in his mouth; and, 2) that putting his teeth on humans or their things is never ever okay.

The other day, he was lying on his back, and he was showing his big scary teeth in a playful, non-threatening way. She went up to him and stroking him around his head said "Oh Mr. Horror, aren't you straight out of a horror movie. Show me your horrors, Mr. Horror."

Add Mr. Horror to his list of nick-names which already includes: Charley-Bones, Boney Charles, Bonesy, Boneyard, and Boneyard Kipling.


At June 27, 2005 7:39 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

list of nicknames frequently used to describe Maddy:
remy 2000
snuggle puppy
love puppy


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