Monday, July 18, 2005

Dall Sheep give me the fackin' 'orn!

A number of times we were lucky enough to have a light headwind, just enough that we were down wind of the animals and they couldn't smell us or hear us as well, but without our progress being impeded (in most places on the Wind river, the breeze would have to be pretty damn strong to counteract the current). So we saw quite a lot of wildlife.

I liked the Dall Sheep, how they walk along paths in nearly vertical walls of sand and rubble. They poop little tiny pellets and are generally a mix of skittish and curious. They run at the slightest possibility of danger, but really can't wait to get to a distance they consider safe enough to look back and stare and wonder about you for a while. They're like shy children who will dart to the safety of clinging to a parental thigh, then scrutinize you with a stern and steady gaze -- as long as you stay Over There.

One day on a sand bar we got out to walk and look around. Back from the shore where the willow was starting to grow with it's slim silvery leaves, one of the incredibly lovable and fun paddlers I was with found a weathered old curling Dall Sheep horn. I dutifully posed with it. Yes, Sergio Mendes, I will send you the JPG.

My sister calls caribou Caribal. She thinks she got it from our sister-in-law, who is great at intentionally mangling names. We saw lots of caribal, usually travelling in ones or twos at this time of year. I once heard the moose described as a badly drawn cow, but I think that may better suit the caribou, who have round little tubby bodies and nice big noses. I hasten to mention they are also very tasty. I have eaten some delicious caribou smokies - lean and flavourful. J, I may have to bring you some!

Sometimes you could hear Moose crossing the river at night (in perpetual dusk light, as we were quite far north). Their hooves hitting the rocky pebbly bottom of the river sounded like an almost hollow metallic plonk.

More later. I am running out of time here at the Internet cafe and want to wander down to the one bookstore because it also sells maps and I have a huge crush on topographical maps. More later.


At July 19, 2005 10:07 a.m., Anonymous Sergio Mendes said...

YES!! A picture of the fackin' 'orn please! And a pretty rock
P.S. In fact, publish ALL your pictures on - I want to see!

At July 24, 2005 4:56 p.m., Anonymous Chris said...

Yes i just put some of our Winnipeg pics on flicker yesterday!!!

At August 02, 2005 7:37 p.m., Blogger banjeroo said...

I will post pictures soon -- it takes a lot of time and I've been busy!

To those who don't know, the incredibly crude "gives me the fackin' 'orn" line comes from a comic duo a British friend of mine taught me about -- Derek and Clive:
who will go down in history for "free-flowing vulgarity". For your further optional edification:


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