Wednesday, September 13, 2006

at last, gin and vitamins

A coworker of mind who is a young urban hipster and probably a bit crazy, well, I record his rambles sometimes. I like recording what people say. I was just cleaning up my desk and found this one, scribbled with a red pen on three sticky notes:

I think gin was taken with a lot of remedies because gin can open you up. Older remedies used to give you a typical tightness and gin counteracts that. And then you'd drink it with tonic, because tonic was a health beverage at one point.

The gin does many wonders. It's like caffeine, which will open up air passages. Abe Lincoln was an asthmatic and Maxwell House gave him a cup of coffee during an asthma attack, and he was like, "Good to the last drop."

For example, if you've been taking pills and feeling bad after, you can get rid of mild headaches with a shot of gin. I mean vitamins too. Gin will help you absorb vitamins, or if you take a bunch of supplements and feel sick because it's too powerful, gin can clear that right up.

OK class, is that clear? Exam on Friday.


At December 08, 2006 8:57 a.m., Anonymous sgazzetti said...

Great CHREEST, I am so happy to learn that gin helps you absorb vitamins. Gordon gives me a cup of gin and I'm like, "good to the last drop".


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