Friday, July 07, 2006

more tired than Lili von Shtupp

...though not for the same reasons as Lili. (von Shtupp was the singing whore in Blazing Saddles, or the "teutonic twat" as Hedley Lamarr calls her. I do love how Mel Brooks works Yiddish into everything.)

A horrible sleep deficit has accumulated over the last few days and, writing this at 10 PM, my eye lids are actually stinging with fatigue.

Some folks have asked when I'm leaving on my trip north -- with my excitement brimming over in the last post, many have assumed I was already gone. But no, departure date is July 20.

If I don't post this lame little ramble and go to bed immediately, my head is going to thump on the desk and I'll have to sleep right here.


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