Wednesday, August 16, 2006

it takes a village take a bath, that is.

Tenakee Springs has some crazy little hot springs.

I stole all these pictures from this website, but it plays music and tries to force you to download RealPlayer and the mouse has a trail of letters on it, so I thought I'd spare you and just load them here.

The bath house:

The bath house hours:

The bath house rules:

(They are fucking serious about the nude bathing and get mad at you if you wear a bathing suit.)

The bath:

Most people in town use the hot spring as their bath/shower because many don't have hot water, or don't have running water, period. You soap and rinse before getting in.

It's kind of funny to eat breakfast in the cafe and then bathe naked with the 67 year old woman who just cooked your greasy eggs (she closes the cafe when it's her bath time) and the woman you just met in the laundromat. Especially when the bath was built in the 1930's and hasn't been renovated since and feels a little like you're hanging out in a mine shaft.


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