Saturday, November 01, 2008

dude loves playing christ figures when his moses robes aren't around

WTF? We bought like 150 mini chocolate bars and only 6 kids came to the door.

So we kicked in the pumpkin, turned out the lights, threw the dog's dinosaur costume in the garbage, and went down to the basement to watch that asshole Charlton Heston in The Omega Man.

Our friend Bord Goner just got back from Vancouver, and he showed up just in time to help us talk through the entire movie. With a movie like that, you can't help but shout out inane commentary. It helps pass the time.

"Jeez, Charlton, put your shirt back on. No one wants to see your hairy man boobs. I mean, GOD! I think he's been shirtless for like, two-thirds of this thing."

"I hate his decor. He might own masterpieces but it's just wall clutter if you hang it like that."

"Imagine the zombie trip to the fabric store when they were putting together their new undead outfits. 'I'm looking for something black and sinister, but with some shimmer and texture. Something that really says "The FAMILY!"'"*

Welcome back, Bord!!!!

* I don't know how to blog the enthusiastic jazz hands that go with that last bit.


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