Sunday, May 18, 2008

oh lord my fam is good

Walking along the beach today, air humid and a bit cool, sun keeping us warm* in t-shirts, sand in sandals, the tide churning about full of seaweed like a thick soup full of vegetables, we were a group of:

- my dad's two sisters and brother
- my dad's brother's daughter
- my brother and two sisters
- my sister's youngest daughter
- my uncles (via my dad's sisters)
- my dad and mom

Somehow we all like each other. Peeling off in slowly shifting groups of twos and threes we walked and talked for a long time.

My beloved** aunt Fig asked, "Why does it take a wedding to get us all together?" Good question.

I better go - dinner is served. Wild sockeye!

*ok, I've since heard that not everyone was warm
**she really is


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