Thursday, September 06, 2007

make a choice

Look, what do you want from me, original compositions and occasional flickers of wit, insight and wonder? Or do you want a conversation between me and my pal about his farty baby? I knew it! OK, I'll comply, here you go:

The Dude says: She [5 1/2 mth old daughter] cracks me up
all the time
Roo says: she has attitude?
The Dude says: not really, she grunts and farts a lot
like A LOT
she stinks
but otherwise is lovely
Roo says: really?
farts a lot?
make sure that's in her baby book
The Dude says: a ton
people comment on it too
plus, baby farts aren't supposed to stink, but hers do
like crazy
she's quite thoroughly disgusting
but cute as a button
Roo says: that's great
man, I want to post this
The Dude says: you can, just change the names to protect the flatulent


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