Monday, August 06, 2007

nature's equivalents

Well I'm dismounting from the Whitehorse tomorrow night, heading back east. I'm so smart, I booked a redeye, and I'm going to be arriving in my hometown after four hours of "plane sleep"*, napping for about 15 minutes at my mom's where I left my car, and then heading into the office where I'll do a brisk day's work. That's going to be great!!!

Just wanted to share with you that last week when we were camping I said to my sister, "I'm just going to scoop this salsa out of the bowl with my finger," and she said "Sure. Fingers are nature's spatula."

A few nights later, camping at Kusuwa Lake, when we were removing the flesh from the bones of the thing that my sister's dog killed and we were about to cook and eat, I said, "Just use your fingers to bone this thing. Fingers are nature's boner."

HA HA HA oh god, don't you want to camp with us?

*not to be confused with real sleep


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