Saturday, November 18, 2006


I'm posting from my aunt's place in T-dot and we've got a fun noodly day planned so I can't write for long. Tonight I'm staying at the Gladstone Hotel, which has a really neat selection of artist-designed rooms (photos posted on the site). Mine has a karaoke machine in it but from a design perspective is not the most dazzling. I really wanted room 417 though, which is described on the website as being "a room that is swimming in nostalgia and lavish exoticism edged with postmodern humour", and hell if that ain't me, eh?

But instead I will likely have a bunch of guys who I've known for 13 years chugging Steamwhistle in my room and singing Prince.

Hey, wait a minute, let me just do some math...

guys I've known for 13 years = swimming in nostalgia
singing Prince on a karaoke machine in a hotel room = lavish exoticism edged with postmodern humour

Rah! I love math.


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