Wednesday, October 04, 2006

how's crispin glover?

Remember Biff from Back to the Future?

And how IS Crispin "my cat can eat a whole watermelon" Glover? Who knows? I once saw one of his performance art pieces in Vancouver, and it was, predictably, spectacularly odd...

And my favourite movie scene of his, ever, is in Wild at Heart. As "Cousin Dell", he is chopping up a million sandwiches in the kitchen in the middle of the night and -- oh Happy Day everyone! I just found the clip!


At October 11, 2006 2:36 p.m., Anonymous blackbeltbarrister said...

did i ever tell you how i ended up talking with Crispin Glover on the phone? when i was working at a certain unnamed health food hippy 24 hour restaurant in Kitsilano (go on, try to guess, there's dozens...) a nervous young person came in wearing black and told me, 'I'm here to order a takeaway for Crispin Glover but I've forgot what he wanted!' I commiserated and suggested she phone him. She then suddenly passed the phone to me and this unearthly warble said, 'what's that ummm, bowl of stuff you, umm have, that's like VEEEGAN? you know, with ummm SPROOOUUTS?' A Dragon Bowl? I suggested. 'Yeah, I'll have that and some VEEEGAN chocolate CAAAKE, please?' I was impressed by the 'please'. It was more than what David Duchovny could manage.


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