Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The "Voice of Canada" was a Russian Jew and "America's Sweetheart" was a Canadian Catholic!

If that doesn't prove that we can all just get along, what does?

So, WOW! Who knew! Well, it's not entirely accurate to call Lorne Greene a Russian Jew. He was Canadian, but his parents were Russian Jewish immigrants who came to Canada. And his middle name was Hyman!(I almost typed "hymen"... sorry.)

I suppose it doesn't actually mean anything. I was just surprised and delighted by this somehow.

The reason I found this out is because I discovered his handsome mug on a Canadian stamp today, joining John Candy, Fay Wray, and Mary Pickford, "America's Sweetheart"!

They were issued in May. I suppose I don't buy stamps very often.

Today I bought 5 books of them, and now I have little Lorne Greene heads all over my stuff (and my face) (and there are some in the elevator to our building now too).

Get them now from Canada Post!!


At September 29, 2006 7:17 p.m., Anonymous George said...

(excerpt from new Lorne Green biography...)
The Russian Jews are ready for their journey, their long fur coats and hats thick and shiny after a summer spent gorging on salted fish. But the coming winter will be a cold one, and due to the current geopolitical climate the road to Nova Scotia has never been more treacherous. WILL THEY SURVIVE... in the NEW wilderness?
(end excerpt)


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