Monday, December 11, 2006

"I'm the Bishop of Southwark, it's what I do."


There were many appalling and heartbreaking things in the news today, but since we're all so busy amusing ourselves to death, (and I don't mean in a Michael Hutchence sort of way) let's look at this article instead. (Said the actress to the bishop, indeed, har har.)

Also, I forgot to mention, the winner of my little homemadeNaBloPoMo prize offering is Joy from A Spot of T. Turns out she's Canadian too! I have to get off my ass and make then send that mix cd for her soon, loaded with banjo-ey goodness.

For some inspiration I was going to go check out the frantrastric Tiny Mix Tapes, but their archives are still being ported over to their new site, so the famous song lists for things like "Music for Calling In Sick Then Hanging Around in Only My Underwear, a T-Shirt, and an Apron While I Make Pear Chutney Which I Will Later Give to Unsuspecting Co-Workers for Christmas Presents"* or "Mix for Forgetting Grade Five Gym Class High Jump Humiliation" are currently not available.**

*I did this once while my friend Dave hung out on my couch in his boxers. It was hot. I mean, temperature-wise. Dave and I love each other and grab each other's bums occasionally, but our relationship is (and always has been) purely platonic.

**I don't know if those mixes exist, but they should.


At December 15, 2006 8:04 a.m., Blogger Rik said...

I think you mean it was hot, literally.


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