Wednesday, December 07, 2005

she can already eat dulse, it's a logical next step I suppose

Segment of instant-message session with my unstoppable sister in Whitehorse, you know, the one who hiked all summer with a broken leg.

Sister: are you there chika chika?

Me: yup
ok so what's up?

Sister: nothing, just bored
eating dulse

Me: nice

Sister: its ok, kind of gross, but good desk snacking

A few mins later...

I got to run
I love you
miss you
adore you
and think dulse tastes like rotting fish breath
but that's ok
bye for now!!!!

it does taste like rotting fish breath
I want to go on Fear Factor
i would win so big time
are you there?
Would you go on Fear Factor with me? they're looking for sibling teams
I'm going to apply for us


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